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Rena Greifinger
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Keynote Session
Friday, May 24, 2019 | 8:00 AM

High Risk, High Reward: What Happens When Risk-Forward, Badass Women Work Together for Social Impact 

Rena Greifinger, Population Services International

Nancy Anderson, Population Services International

Marcie Cook, Population Services International

Michael Holscher, Population Services International  

The modern-day philanthropist is impatient, impact-driven and laser-focused on authenticity. She’s trading fancy galas and naming opportunities for unique experiences that leverage her whole self to drive impact. She craves meaningful discussions about power, privilege, and leadership; and aims to redefine what it means to give back. She sees philanthropy not as a nice to have, but as her civic duty and a way to gain purpose. She is comfortable with risk, as long as that risk comes with measurable results. She is excited about innovation, as long as that innovation comes with long-term vision. She is looking for guidance as she blurs the line between investing for financial return and investing for impact. And she needs trusted partners who will help her live out her values in all the ways she deploys her resources.

Do you have what it takes to help her get there?

In this session, you will meet one organization that is bringing together bold, risk-forward women philanthropists – of all ages and stages of life – and partnering with them to redefine what it means to be a philanthropist today. We will discuss the shifting tide of traditional donor financing, particularly in the space of international development, and the increasing catalytic role that philanthropists are playing in bringing innovation to systems change across the world. We will discuss new co-investment models; blended financing that bring together government, corporate, philanthropic investor partners; and how high-risk investments can lead to high-reward when partnering with the right institutions in the right way. Through interactive exercises and group discussion, you will walk away with new ideas and strategies for advising your own modern-day philanthropist clients. 

Don’t miss it!

Rena Greifinger, Population Services International

Rena Greifinger is a social entrepreneur, design-thinker and global expert in young women’s sexual and reproductive health. As Managing Director of MaverickNext and Deputy Director of Corporate Partnerships and Philanthropy at PSI, Rena leads an accelerator program for emerging female leaders who are passionate about girls’ and women’s health, and in becoming bold and creative advocates for change. The two-year program helps young women philanthropists become informed advocates, strong leaders and strategic investors through hands-on engagement with PSI and a global network of activists and change-makers. Rena brings 15 years of experience leading programs to advance the sexual and reproductive health of girls and young people. Prior to PSI, she founded an award-winning leadership and life-skills program for teenagers living with HIV around the U.S. She holds a Master’s of Science from the Harvard School of Public Health.

Michael Holscher
Senior Vice President, Chief Strategy and Resources Officer, Population Services International

As Chief Strategy & Resources Officer, Michael has overall responsibility for guiding and executing PSI’s Strategic Plan, including management and leadership of PSI technical departments and fundraising teams.

Michael has 20 years of leadership experience in international health and development, with a focus on strategy and program design, behavior change communication and service delivery for family planning, HIV/AIDS and reproductive health. He has worked in more than 50 countries spanning Europe, Africa, Asia and Latin America, providing leadership in areas such as innovative service delivery, public-private partnerships, health systems strengthening and health financing.

Michael previously served for nine years as Deputy CEO (and interim CEO) of Marie Stopes International (MSI) in London where he led all aspects of global strategy, business development, communications and policy dialogue. He represented MSI with government officials, bilateral donors, multi-lateral agencies, professional bodies, private sector partners and civil society organizations.

From 1995-2007, Michael served as a PSI country representative in Romania and then as a director of regional programs in southern Africa (Swaziland and Lesotho), Southeast Asia (Cambodia, China, Laos, Myanmar, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam), and Central America (Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and Panama).  He began his career working for a private sector strategic issues management firm in Washington DC.


Marcie Cook
Vice President, Social Enterprise, Population Services International

Marcie Cook currently serves as Vice President, Social Enterprise. Previously serving as Regional Director of Asia and Eastern Europe at PSI, Marcie provided overall strategic guidance for the region’s seventeen countries with an annual operating budget of $100 million.

Marcie has experience working to support health markets in countries across Central and South East Asia and Africa. Before joining PSI, she held positions at the Institute for Media, Policy and Civic Society, the Story Workshop Educational Trust, University of Malawi and IBM, Canada LTD.

Marcie holds a master’s in global affairs with a concentration in international business from New York University.


Nancy Anderson
Senior Manager, Corporate Partnerships and Philanthropy, Population Services International

Nancy leads sales and stewardship for Maverick Collective, the innovation hub of PSI, engaging private philanthropists as thought-partners and investors in programs that lift girls and women out of poverty. Focused on the cross section of poverty alleviation and urbanization, she has worked closely with Fortune 500 companies to development critical social responsibility initiatives with an emphasis on social enterprise and leveraging technology for good. Prior to joining PSI, Nancy helped lead the corporate fundraising strategy at the American Red Cross and developed marketing partnerships for Huffington Post Media Group. Passionate about engaging women to take charge as leaders, she has volunteered at reproductive clinics across North Africa and led a young woman’s mentorship group at the Isleta Pueblo in New Mexico. She holds BAs from University of Missouri in Journalism and Political Science.

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