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Laura Roser
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Breakout Session
Monday, April 30, 2018 | 1:40 PM

Making It Tangible: How to Create Legacy Pieces That Represent Your Clients' Values (and Become a Treasure for Their Families)

Laura A. Roser, Paragon Road

“Feeling good” because you gave to someone is one of the most incredible experiences one can have. Unfortunately, that feeling is vague and can easily fade away. Your clients can share their greatest family stories, reveal why philanthropy is so important, and convey the values they were taught as a child, but if it’s not recorded somewhere—and turned into something that’s easy and enjoyable to consume—they’ll forget all about it.

You need a thing—a physical object to remind your donors about how meaningful their philanthropic purpose is. I’m not talking about a plaque or a trophy (although they have merit). What I’m talking about is a piece that incapsulates someone’s wisdom, memories and personal philosophy.

There are many tools to help you define a client’s values or philanthropic vision, but how do you make it tangible?

In this session, you will learn:

  • Our step-by-step approach to turn someone’s wisdom and stories into tangible pieces.
  • The best formats to capture a client’s philanthropic legacy.
  • How to keep the process short and simple and why most projects shouldn’t take more than two months.
  • How legacy pieces can serve as a vehicle to help clients discover deeper purpose and communicate their vision to others.

Laura A. Roser, Founder and CEO, Paragon RoadSolana Beach, CA

Laura A. Roser is the founder and CEO of Paragon Road, the leading authority in Meaning Legacy planning (passing on non-financial assets, such as values, wisdom and beliefs). She is the editor in chief of Legacy Arts magazine and has interviewed many top CEOs, high net worth individuals, spiritual leaders, philosophers, financial professionals, family experts, celebrities, philanthropists, and innovators in her quest to uncover how to craft a more meaningful life experience. Her writing has been featured in ThinkAdvisor,, and Kiplinger. Laura lives and works in Solana Beach, California, Salt Lake City, Utah and occasionally from hotels, boats, planes, and apartments around the world.

To learn more about Laura’s new book, Your Meaning Legacy: How to Cultivate & Pass On Non-Financial Assets, go to

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