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Brigit Kavanagh and Rebecca E. Dupras
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Breakout Session
Tuesday, May 1, 2018 | 4:10 PM

Sustainability Strategies - Engaging Budding Philanthropists

Rebecca E. Dupras

Brigit Kavanagh, Kavanagh Rhomberg LLP

Not all of our clients are the Warren Buffets of the world and not all are inheritors of wealth. And even Mr. Buffet was once just a budding investor, without significant means. Yet many of our clients are charitably inclined, they are wealth-creators, and they want to find a way to support causes that are important to them. And often, they want to do it NOW. At the same time, charities need reliable and sustainable funding streams in order to deliver their charitable services and programs. Charities also need new donors and new ways to engage the participation of new donors, whose financial means might not allow a major and transformative gift yet. Too often, these clients, the would-be donors, are discouraged from making charitable gifts for fear that they don't have enough, or they think they don't have enough now, and eventually, that enthusiasm to contribute to charity may wane in discouragement. This presentation will look at pledges as a way to engage these budding philanthropists now as well create future income streams for charitable beneficiaries, and hopefully, lasting relationships between donors and charities.

Attendees will: 

  1. Learn ideas for talking to diverse generations of prospective bequest donors.
  2. Learn tips for how advisors can shift the conversation from "I'm too young to be philanthropic" to "I can pledge a percentage of my income/estate."
  3. Get an introduction to the legal framework for pledges, when they are binding or not, and issues of enforceability so that advisors can have informed discussions with clients. 

Rebecca E. Dupras, Washington, DC

Rebecca Dupras is an experienced planned giving an development officer and has worked with donors at the Rhode Island Foundation and Silicon Valley Community Foundation in the past. Rebecca practiced law as an estate planning attorney for several years before shifting to charitable gift planning work. Rebecca was formerly on the board of the Northern California Planned Giving Council and is a frequent speaker on charitable gift planning.



Brigit Kavanagh, Partner, Kavanagh Rhomberg LLP,  Belmont, CA

Brigit Kavanagh is an attorney with the law firm of Kavanagh Rhomberg LLP where she focuses on nonprofit organizations and their charitable donors. Brigit’s practice involves counseling charities on matters of governance and tax compliance, as well as drafting and advising on charitable giving vehicles. Brigit is an adjunct professor at Golden Gate University School of Law where she teaches Tax Aspects of Charitable Giving in the LLM program.  Brigit is on the board of directors of the Northern California Planned Giving Council and the board of directors of the National Association of Charitable Gift Planners. Prior to launching Kavanagh Rhomberg in 2016, Brigit practiced law with Adler & Colvin in San Francisco.

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