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Impact & RISE criteria
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Programs Update 

August 24, 2018  update on programs:


EndowAmerica through Social Secharity. - The mission of this campaign is to educate American taypayers about a solution to three key fiscal challenges threatening the future financial well-being of Americans.  These challenges are the potential demise of social security, threats to the welfare safety net, and the looming debt crisis.   We are seeking support to build the public website EndowAmerica through Social Secharity and the marketing campaign to promote the website.  The great wealth transfer is upon us and the professional philanthropic advisor will play a very important part in the proper stewardship of that transfer.   The role of the professional philanthropic advisor will be emphasized and stories featured in this public education campaign and website. 


Advancing the Profession of Philanthropic Planners "Philanthropic Planning – How it Benefits Your Clients and Their Community" powerpoint will build interest among the various advisors in your community to work with a professional philanthropic advisor or obtain a CAP® designation which distinguishes them as a professional philanthropic advisor.  The presentation is CE eligible for American College Professional Recertification credit, CFP, and insurance CE.  If you are interested in presenting in your community, please become a Council member and we’ll send you the entire package including handouts, outlines, marketing paragraph, etc.  Sharing the presentation with your colleagues helps you further our professional awareness program.    


Scholarship program - At the present time we support the CAP® designation and will award scholarships based on donations earmarked for that purpose.   Scholarship Program Statistics:

  • 114 scholarships have been awarded between 2010-2018
  •  65 are Female; 49 are Male
  • 51 Advisors; 60 Nonprofit Executives including 30 from Community Foundations
  • 25 States represented:  AL, AZ, CA, CO, CT, FL, IA, IN, KS, KY, LA, MA, MO, NC, NE, NH, NY, OH, PA, SC, TX, UT, VA, WA WI  

November 2017It is with great joy that we share with you news on how the AiP Foundation has furthered our professional awareness program.

Our first powerpoint was debuted at the 2016 Conference on Philanthropy. In 2017, it was retitled "Philanthropic Planning – How it Benefits Your Clients and Their Community" and revised to make it CE eligible for PACE, CFP, and insurance CE. The powerpoint was presented to a meeting of the FSP Hartford Chapter in June 2017. AiP Foundation Executive Director, Jaclyn Farnham, CAP, and Kevin Baldwin, CAP, presented the powerpoint, creating a great deal of interest in the CAP designation. Phil Cubeta, Chair in Philanthropy, American College, also presented a case study at that meeting.

We are currently working to again revise "Philanthropic Planning – How it Benefits Your Clients and Their Community" so the powerpoint will suit an audience of development officers, nonprofits and community foundations (potential non-client facing CAPs). We also plan to submit this for CFRE credit.

We have started to create a second powerpoint that is intended for the taxpaying public to better understand how to direct their taxes and how a philanthropic planner can help them.

We are also very proud to announce that Board member, Alan Pratt, CAP, received the 2017 Fithian Leadership Award at the Conference in May. That makes two board members from AiP Foundation in a row to receive this prestigious honor!

We hope you will support the AiP Foundation and the advisor in philanthropy profession in 2017. Your contribution provides an opportunity to support our public awareness program. All contributions are greatly appreciated and highly leveraged. As always, we would appreciate any matching corporate donations.

A very sincere thank you, for all you do to encourage and uplift philanthropy. Wishing you and yours the very best!

The AiP Foundation Board of Directors,
Chairman of the Board, Lesley Winston, CAP®, CPCU, AAI
Secretary, Suzanne Rohlfs, JD, CAP®
Treasurer, Robert Thompson, JD, CAP®, CSSC
Gerald Horwitz, CAP®
Alan Pratt, CAP®
John Sullivan, CLU, ChFC
Executive Director, Jaclyn Farnham, CAP®

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May 2016 - AiP Foundation completed a powerpoint educational tool for all CAPs to use in their own communities to present to other professionals - “Why Become a CAP” .   CLICK HERE FOR A WINDOWS MEDIA FILE SLIDESHOW.   To request the powerpoint slides and speaker guidelines, email

According to the results of a CAP survey sponsored by the Foundation, at least $600,000 in additional charitable dollars have been raised per CAP graduate since the start of the designation only 11 years ago.   Think about this --  there are currently approx. 1,200 CAPS X $600,000 is $720 million in increased charitable giving based on a little more than a decade of the profession.    If you know a funder that can make a $10,000 contribution resulting in 20 CAP scholarships, their gift could potentially increase charitable giving by at least $12,000,000!   

*We invite you to watch scholarship recipients, Katie Zobel and Kristin Leutz of the Community Foundation of Western Mass discuss how the CAP® designation impacted their success  and  how they utilize their CAP® designations at Community Foundation. 

*Phil Cubeta, Chair in Philanthropy at The American College wrote to the AiP Foundation board: "Your scholarships make a real difference in helping certain students make the decision to enroll. Those who need education the most often do not have the funds to get it. Often, if they work for a nonprofit, they are not reimbursed. So the scholarships have helped enormously, particularly in attracting nonprofit students.”
Please view our Annual Reports for additional impact stories.

RISE Criteria

AiP Foundation Executive, Jaclyn Farnham, participated in a 6 week course offered by the Living by Giving Foundation  that teaches how to give effectively within the RISE framework - Relevance, Impact, Sustainability and Excellence in Management and Operations.  For the final exam, Jaclyn submitted AiP Foundation (AiPF) as her charity of choice, defining how AiPF meets the RISE criteria.   Below are the results of that exercise.
Does this organization demonstrate the qualities associated with Relevance?  
The mission of AiPF is relevant because their goal is to increase philanthropy overall, which will ultimately improve the lives of millions. AiPF provides links to research which indicate the need for increased education among those who advise donors. They provide a quote from the Chair in Philanthropy at American College which indicates why their scholarships matter to students, and in their Annual Reports, they include stories and comments from scholarship recipients. 

Does this organization demonstrate the qualities associated with Impact?    
AiPF indicates how many scholarships they've awarded and how many recipients have gone on to achieve their Chartered Advisors in Philanthropy (CAP) designation.  Their detailed annual reports show impact through stories provided by those they serve.  They indicate that they are surveying their scholarship recipients who obtained their CAP.  They are fulfilling their mission and providing not only scholarships, but a network of connections through their C6 subsidiary, that can help students make practical use of their CAP.  Videos posted on their website interview two of their scholarship recipients from a Community Foundation (CF) who talk about compelling results at their CF.  

Does this organization demonstrate the qualities associated with Sustainability? 
AiPF indicates that donations are received from private donors and gifts, and explains how the Foundation was started with a Charitable Remainder Trust.  In addition to gift planning and private donations, they hold an annual fundraising campaign at the Conference on Philanthropy.  They are sustainable because they have a solid base of private donations from individuals who are currently CAPs and from those who are members of the AiP membership organization.   Support from these private donors indicates a paying it forward belief system, and that the need is acknowledged by the profession.  As advisors in philanthropy, they have the tools, knowledge and connections to sustain and grow their Foundation.  Finally, they indicate that they are also applying for grants which will help them increase the number of scholarships they can provide. 

Does this organization demonstrate the qualities associated with Excellence in Management and Operations? 
AiPF has a very strong and diverse Board of Directors who represent all different advisors who might sit at the table with a donor.  Their website indicates that 100% of their board gives to the organization.  Their Executive has special knowledge of their donor base, having managed their 501c6 organization and now managing the Foundation, and she is also Chartered Advisor in Philanthropy having completed the coursework in 2014. All of these factors contribute to excellence in management and operations.
"Philanthropy touches every major social issue we face. We need informed, skilled, thoughtful philanthropic leaders and change agents now and in the future to address our greatest challenges  As government revenues decline and the needs of the less fortunate in our communities increase, the wise investment of every dollar of limited philanthropic capital for social change becomes even more important."  ~  Doris Buffet


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