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CAP Symposium
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When and Where?
Typically held immediately preceding AiP Conference on Philanthropy each spring.  Additional fee applies

Who is Invited?
Current CAP® students and those who already have CAP®

Why Now?
Over the years CAP® courses were taught and tested at the Advisors in Philanthropy (AiP) Conference. Now, the lectures have been recorded and few find the need for a so-called "intensive review.” Instead, people are asking how others are using the materials. They want to hear best practices and success stories. So, this year we are making a change to the new Symposium format.

Who will Facilitate?
Phil Cubeta, the Wallace Chair in Philanthropy, along with Heather Gee, CAP®, and Les Winston, CAP®, along with other CAP® designees

What will we Discuss?

· What is your seat at the planning table?

· What is your role at the table?

· Do you work across the disciplines as a team?

· Are you your client/donor’s trusted advisor?

· How have you made an impact in your community?

· How have you helped a nonprofit improve their gift planning?

· Any questions on tools, tax or techniques?

· Best practices?

· Success stories?

Exam on Site?
Yes, if you are taking a CAP® course, you can test on site.

Special AiP Offer
This is an exclusive AiP member only benefit. As an introductory offer to all CAP® enrollees or CAP® designees, you are eligible for a 1-year free associate membership if you have never been a member of AiP.

To register for a CAP® course, contact Mary Ann Roselle at The American College.  (Phone 610-526-1395)  

Register for the Symposium

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