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Paul Brooks
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Breakout Session, Values Based
Thursday, May 23, 2019 | 1:55 PM

LifeWorth: A New Foundational Building   Block for the Growth of Philanthropy in   the 21st Century

Paul Brooks, Quiddity Systems, Inc.

LifeWorth is a 21st Century measurement construct for personal accomplishment and impact. It is made possible through a practical application of science and technology to create a new and comprehensive support system around each persons unique individuality, the purpose being to facilitate and enhance the growth of their personal and collaborative flourishing. The system is designed to to be supported by advisors and coaches making it a powerful tool for those providing financial, philanthropic and life advice.  In his recent book Dark Horse, Todd Rose, the director of The Mind, Brain and Education program at Harvard University writes about the "pursuit of happiness" (fulfillment) as both a right and a duty. He quotes Charlie Collier, former head of philanthropic development at Harvard and a former speaker at AIP, "According to Thomas Jefferson, the 'pursuit of happiness' has to do with an internal journey of learning to know ourselves and an external journey of service to others"  LifeWorth is the product of a life spent in the "pursuit of happiness". Philanthropy is one of its natural and most powerful outcomes.

Attendees will:

  1. Learn how to improve the establishment of philanthropic and life objectives.
  2. Learn about human life value 2.0, a 21st Century interpretation of human life value.
  3. Know the importance of life long learning as an economic requirement. 

Paul Brooks, Quiddity Systems, Inc.

Paul’s lifework journey reflects growing elements of experience and understanding of the need human beings have to know that their lives are unique and can be well utilized (a clear sense of lifework) for the purpose of refining and optimizing their impact (a clear sense of "LifeWorth"). All of his entrepreneurial work has involved collaborating with others to create and bring to market support services and systems that enhance processes (eg: philanthropic, entrepreneurial, financial, etc..) by which people establish their lifework and "LifeWorth". Currently, Paul is working with several collaborators on a series of unique projects that when brought together hold the promise of empowering large groups of people to substantially increase their value creating/impact capacity.

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