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AIP Member Branded Articles
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NEW MEMBER BENEFIT! AIP has arranged to supply member-written articles to a variety of firms that publish periodicals related to philanthropic and other charitably based estate planning topics.  Members are encouraged to submit compliance-approved articles to the AIP Member Article Archives. 

All AIP archived articles will be branded as products of, and owned by, AIP.  We are confident that exposure in widely recognized and read publications will help AIP and our members become more valuable and sought-after content professionals in the communities we serve. This effort is an opportunity to elevate our AIP organization to a more prominent leadership position in the universe of philanthropic family planning and the charitable efforts that are served.

Article Categories

  • Focus on Family:  Family meeting creation and facilitation, human capital development, family dynamics and psychology, special needs and any topics that focus on the humans that inspire family legacy planning and philanthropy
  • Taxes and Tools:  Strategic philanthropic tools, strategy designs, case studies, resource identification and applications, and associated tax implications 
  • Collaborative Works:  Case studies and examples of how to build collaborative efforts to inspire donors with other advisors, CPAs, Estate Planning councils and attorneys, gift planners, school foundations, how to locate the professionals you need
  • Business Based Philanthropy:  Use of charitable tools for sale of business exit strategy, business based philanthropy tools to support your community, benefits of giving back, taxes, impact and other related topics
  • Charitable Asset Portfolios:  How to build and maintain endowment-type portfolios, fiduciary responsibilities and other related topics
  • Sub Topics:  Business Exit Strategies, Estate Planning, Family Dynamics, Family Governance, Fundraising, Gift Plans, Income Tax Planning with Charitable Strategies, Legacy Plans, Major Gifts, Marketing Across Disciplines, Marketing Philanthropy, Philanthropic Planning Process, Philanthropic Strategies, Planned Giving, Planning for Impact, Practice Management, Purposeful Conversations, Social Investing, Wealth in Families


Q:  Which publications has AIP partnered with for these member articles?
A:  Journal for Financial Planning, Planned Giving Tomorrow, and Legacy Arts with more to come soon!


Q:  How do I submit an article to AIP for consideration?  In what form?
A:  Submit your information and article as an attachment using the form below. Some of the publishers will edit for space considerations. The AIP article review group will ensure that technical content integrity remains intact before final publishing.     


Q:  What is the maximum article word limit?
A:  The maximum length of the article should be no more than 1,000 words, and should be no fewer than 600.


Q:  Will my article be published at our AIP site?
A:  Yes, as permitted by the publisher.  It will appear as the featured published article for about a month.  Be certain to include your featured article in your business social media promotional efforts, including your AIP site profile.


Q:  Who decides how articles get submitted to publishers?
A:  The AIP marketing team maintains regular communications with publishers so      we know what they are looking for. Publishers have a variety of topics, article lengths, times of the year that they seek content for. The AIP team then provides articles that meet the publishers’ criteria. This is why we want to start now to build our article archive. 


Q:  Who ensures that article content is accurate?
A:  The AIP article review group, who is made up of a variety of AIP members and staff, ensure content accuracy.


Q: What's the next step?
A:  Use the link below to complete the form and submit your article. You will receive verification from AIP that your article has been received. Once the article review group has reviewed your submission, you will be notified of either acceptance to the archive or re-work suggestions for future consideration. You will be notified when your article is expected to appear in an approved publication.




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