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Oristian York



Thursday, April 25 | 9:00 am
Conference Keynote: Cokie Roberts

AiP is proud to feature ABC News Political Commentator and Save the Children Board of Trustees Vice Chair, Cokie Roberts. Don't miss this inspirational keynote where Ms. Roberts will share her experiences working with Save the Children and share her views on the state of philanthropy in the United States. AiP thanks Gold Sponsor Save the Children for making Ms. Roberts appearance possible.

Cokie Roberts is a political commentator for ABC News, providing analysis for all network news programming. From 1996-2002, she and Sam Donaldson co-anchored the weekly ABC interview program This Week. Roberts also serves as Senior News Analyst for National Public Radio. In her more than forty years in broadcasting, she has won countless awards, including three Emmys. She has been inducted into the Broadcasting and Cable Hall of Fame, and was cited by the American Women in Radio and Television as one of the fifty greatest women in the history of broadcasting.

In addition to her appearances on the airwaves, Roberts, along with her husband, Steven V. Roberts, writes a weekly column syndicated in newspapers around the country by United Media. The Roberts are also contributing editors to USA Weekend Magazine, and in 2011 they published Our Haggadah, Uniting Traditions for Interfaith Families. Their earlier collaboration, From this Day Forward, an account of their more than forty year marriage and other marriages in American history, immediately went onto The New York Times bestseller list. All of Cokie Roberts’s other books have also been best-sellers, including the number one bestseller, We Are Our Mothers’ Daughters, an account of women’s roles and relationships throughout American history. Her other bestselling books --Founding Mothers, published in 2004 and Ladies of Liberty in 2008-- are histories of women in America’s founding era.

Ms. Roberts holds more than twenty-five honorary degrees, serves on the boards of several non-profit institutions and was appointed by President George W. Bush to the Commission on Service and Civic Participation. In 2008 the Library of Congress named her a "Living Legend,” one of the very few Americans to have attained that honor. She is the mother of two and grandmother of six.

She served previously on the Save the Children Board from September 2003 through February 2011 and was Vice Chair of the Board of Trustees of Save the Children from February 2005 through February 2011. Ms. Roberts rejoined the Board in March 2012 as Vice Chair and a member of the Executive Committee.


Breakout Session | Wednesday, April 24 | 1:30 - 5:15 pm
Case Study: Three Generations of Hurleys

In this multi-generational case study, you will learn how to open a philanthropic dialogue about the donor’s aspirations for self, family, and community. You will review charitable tools and you will practice applying them to three generations of the Hurley family, in interactive exercises with your peers. Either session can be taken alone, though it works best to attend both. You will leave ready to conduct value-driven, results-oriented donor dialogues with your own donors or clients.

Session I 1:30 - 3:00 pm
We will plan, in small interactive groups, for William and Victoria, retired professor and his wife in their 80’s, who are seeking higher income, financial security, and techniques to benefit several charities. They have a nephew, John, who is highly successful, but they have no children of their own.

Session II 3:30 - 5:00 pm
In the second session, we will plan for William and Victoria’s nephew, John, a successful business owner, contemplating his transition from success to significance. Complicating his planning are his children, Albert and Maria, now in their twenties. As John sees it, a big inheritance may or may not help them. He has a strong desire to help his community by creating sustainable jobs.

Philip B. Cubeta, CLU®, ChFC®, MSFS, CAP® is the Sallie B. and William B. Wallace Chair in Philanthropy at the American College. In that role, he develops curricula for the Chartered Advisor in Philanthropy designation. Prior to joining the American College, Phil was Chief of Staff for The Nautilus Group, a service of New York Life, located in Dallas, Texas, providing estate, business, and philanthropic strategies to affluent clients through 200 of the company’s top agents. Phil’s original training was in English Literature, Williams College, BA; Philosophy and Psychology, Oxford University, MA; and English Language and Literature, Yale, MA, M.Phil. Phil’s essays on philanthropy have appeared in Tracy Gary’s Inspired Legacies, Your Step by Step Guide to Creating a Giving Plan and Leaving a Legacy (Wiley and Sons: 2008); H. Peter Karoff, The World We Want: New Dimensions in Philanthropy and Social Change (Altimira Press: 2007); and Amy Kass, Doing Well Doing Good: Readings for Thoughtful Philanthropists (Indiana University Press: 2008). Phil is a member of the national Partnership for Philanthropic Planning Leadership Institute. Along with Charles Collier of Harvard, Phil, along with Charles Collier of Harvard, received the Fithian Leadership Award
in 2012 from Advisors in Philanthropy. He is the 2012 Power of the Purse Advisor Awardee from Dallas Woman’s Foundation.
Breakout Session | Wednesday, April 24 | 1:00 pm - 1:50 pm | Faith-Based Philanthropy Track
Helping Family Maximize Both the Efficiency and Joy of Their Giving
Greater joy and confidence in giving is obtained when you know what you want to accomplish and how to do it. Creating a family giving game plan begins with defining your mission and developing priorities for screening potential grant opportunities. Determining specific geographic and topical allocations will carefully build the legacy you want to leave. Sound philanthropic planning involves the whole family and facilitates value transfer to the next generation. Excellence in Giving has found that families who proactively direct their giving to areas they care about experience greater overall satisfaction.

Albert J. Mueller
President & CEO, Excellence in Giving has provided investment advice to institutions, individuals and families of significant wealth for more than 20 years. During his career at Morgan Stanley and UBS, Mr. Mueller had responsibility for evaluating and recommending investments in virtually every asset class. His clients relied on his ability to construct and manage portfolios to achieve their investment objectives. Mr. Mueller's professional experience on Wall Street and personal experience as a major donor and board member have prepared him to provide Excellence in Giving clients with valuable insight into the effective use of their philanthropic capital. His proven service to philanthropic families, individuals and organizations during Excellence in Giving's first 10 years makes him one of the most respected and sought after thought leaders in philanthropy today. Mr. Mueller, a native of California, is a graduate of the University of Arizona and holds an MBA from the Anderson School of Management at UCLA. He and his wife Susan have three children and reside in Colorado Springs. They appreciate the challenging golf, mountain views, and ski slopes that the Rocky Mountains provide.

Breakout Session | Wednesday, April 24 | 2:00 pm - 2:50 pm | Faith-Based Philanthropy Track
Are You Asking Your Clients The Right Questions?: If You Don't Ask the Right Questions, You'll Never Get the Right Answers (Planning with a Biblical Worldview)

If you aren't asking your clients the right questions, you will never get the right answers. And if, you are a believer and your practice is not based upon a biblical worldview you will never be asking the right questions of your believing clients. In this presentation Jay will explain how a biblical worldview is manifested in a planning practice and he will provide you with the right kinds of questions you should be asking your believing clients who hold a biblical worldview. The overwhelming majority of believing clients do not have believing advisors who practice and plan from a biblical worldview and consequently, their advisors' secular worldview ends up being the prevailing worldview in the client's estate plan.

Attendees will be presented a list of specific ways in which their worldview would impact their thinking, planning, counseling and practice with their clients. They will see that if they have not integrated their faith into their practice they may indeed be designing plans for their believing clients that are fundamentally based upon a secular worldview contrary to the advisors own religious beliefs and the beliefs of their spiritually minded clients. Attendees will also see how a secular worldview and a biblical worldview are mutually exclusive and cannot co-exist in the same plan. This often leaves a believing family with an "estate plan" that does not even remotely represent who they are, what they really believe or even what they really want to do.

Jay Link has a unique background. His early training and career was in church ministry where he developed his passion for serving and discipling people to a deeper walk with the Lord. During this time he earned a Master of Divinity degree in Biblical Theology which has proven to be an invaluable biblical foundation for all his future ministry and career initiatives.After preaching for several years, he entered the financial services industry and a few years later began regularly teaching sound stewardship and financial principles to Christians in local churches around the country,

Over the years his career developed into a Family Wealth Counseling practice for very high net worth Christian families helping them more effectively steward all the resources that God had entrusted to them. His ministry to these families has produced a radical transformation in their spiritual lives as well as in their ability to give generously beyond anything they ever imagined possible – enabling these families to give hundreds of millions of additional dollars away supporting the ministries they deeply care about.

For two decades Jay has also been actively training and personally mentoring hundreds of other professional advisors to provide Family Wealth Counseling services to their clients, multiplying his stewardship ministry to advisors and families nationwide hundreds of times over. He founded the National Association of Family Wealth Counselors which eventually merged with another philanthropic organization to become AiP.Over the past seven years he has built the Family Wealthy Counseling Network of trained professional Family Wealth Counselors who serve the high net worth Christian community who are supporters of the ministries or are members of the churches they serve.

Through Stewardship Ministries Jay regularly shares his message of life stewardship and generosity with pastors, para-church ministry leaders, development staff and financial professionals assisting them to more effectively serve their donors and clients through hisfull day Bridging the Gap Major Donor Training Workshop (also available online). Jay has written four books, a major series of small group video based, small group, Bible study curriculum (for pastors, adults, teens and children). He has written hundreds of articles on the topic of strategic stewardship, creative giving and Master Stewardship Planning over the years in various national publications. He also writes a free weekly Life Stewardship eNewsletter.His passion for bringing about personal and spiritual transformation through learning and then applying these life-changing stewardship principles is absolutely contagious.

Breakout Session | Wednesday, April 24 | 3:15 pm - 4:05 pm | Faith-Based Philanthropy Track
Personal Testimony - Alan Barnhart
Alan Barnhart came to Christ in high school at a Young Life camp in Colorado. Alan has an amazing wife, Katherine, and 6 children Alan has a boring resume—he has worked for the same company since he was 10 years old and has had the same position since 1986. Barnhart Crane and Rigging Company is a Heavy Lifting and Heavy Transport company based in Memphis, TN with offices in 20 cities in the US. The company has grown an average of 22% per year for 25 years. Barnhart provides services to heavy industry and construction, focusing on power plants (wind, nuclear, and fossil fuel) and the petrochemical industry. Alan’s fear of affluence caused him to cap his lifestyle. His passion for missions has taken him to over 50 countries. The company profits are invested in strategic missions. Barnhart team members and spouses take part in the decision-making process. Over 40 team members have traveled internationally in that effort. Alan is active at First Evangelical Church and the Boy Scouts.

Breakout Session | Wednesday, April 24 | 4:30 pm - 5:20 pm | Faith-Based Philanthropy Track
Case Studies: How Christian Planning Produces Radically Different Outcomes
Take a look at these two before and after case studies, and see the difference Christian planning can make when families identify what they really want to accomplish with all that God has entrusted to them. Traditional estate planning approaches will be compared and contrasted with a biblically-based family wealth counseling process. The results speak for themselves!

Carl Drury joined Kardia in April of 2007 as its COO. His role is to oversee the daily operation of the Family Wealth Counseling process to ensure that all of its client families’ needs are exceeded. He travelled an unlikely path to find where God wants to use his passions, talents and time. He earned a BS degree in Mechanical Engineering from Purdue University in 1989 and immediately went to work in a Fortune 500 manufacturing company and held many positions over nearly 18 years with the same company. At the age of 40, he thought that he had found success, at least by the world’s standard, as he had attained what he thought was his dream job as Director of Marketing for a $200M business.

Then, as an unbeliever, his life was changed forever by our loving father in heaven. Carl was diagnosed with heart disease in March of 2004 while training to run in a 13.1 mile mini marathon. After losing his health, he was put on disability in May of 2004. Then, on October 18, 2004, Carl came within an hour of dying according to his doctors because the left side of his heart failed completely. After an artificial heart was implanted to keep him alive, he was placed on the heart transplant waiting list. On November 20, 2004, God orchestrated a miracle as Carl received a heart transplant.

Carl returned to work 1-1/2 months after the transplant and his health is excellent. During this experience Carl developed a passion to serve God that just continued to burn hotter and hotter. As they say, God works in mysterious ways. Mr. Jay Link and Carl met about a year after the transplant as Carl was struggling to mature as a Christian. As an ordained minister, Jay offered to help Carl study God’s word and apply it in his life. After studying together for nearly two years, God made it clear to both of them that he had plans that resulted in Carl leaving his career to fulfill his desire to serve our wonderful father.

It is Carl’s desire to utilize his leadership and management experience and training to serve God by providing world class service to its client families. Over the past 7 years, Carl has helped dozens of Christian families walk through the transformational Family Wealth Counseling process and these families have or will give more than $700 million to ministries during their lifetimes or upon their eternal relocations. Carl feels that it is such a blessing to use his talents to help people help people.

Breakout Session | Thursday April 25 | 10:45 am
Understanding IRS Rules and Implementing Best Practices for International and Enhanced Domestic Grantmaking
International and Domestic grantmaking can be rewarding and complicated. This session will review applicable IRS regulations and provide best practices for insuring the charity receiving the funds has been properly vetted. Simply meeting IRS regulations should not be the only standard, good grantmakers should strive to insure they follow strong due diligence practices to protect the reputation of the donor while insuring the intended beneficiary is prepared to maximize the success intended from the philanthropic gift. Attendees will not only learn about the various grant options available to them, such as Equivalency Determination and Expenditure Responsibility, but also walk away with best practices they can use to ensure safe and effective grants whether international or domestic.

Ted Hart brings extensive experience in internet and global philanthropy to Charities Aid Foundation of America; he is sought after as an internationally recognized speaker and consultant on topics related to nonprofit strategy and board/volunteer development both online and offline. He previously served as CEO of Hart Philanthropic Services, an international consultancy to nonprofits/NGOs. He has inspired the creation of People to People Fundraising, an online fundraising movement. He is also Founder of the international ePhilanthropy Foundation and has also taken a leadership role in helping nonprofits become more green by founding the movement. Hart has served as CEO of the University Maryland Medical System Foundation, and before that as Chief Development Officer for Johns Hopkins Medicine, Bayview Campus. He was one of the youngest professionals ever to be certified as an Advanced Certified Fund Raising Executive (ACFRE) by the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP). Hart is the editor and author of many books and published articles and the host of the Nonprofit Coach Internet Radio program. His most recent book is entitled Internet Management for Nonprofits. He has also served as an adjunct faculty member to the Master of Science in Fundraising Management program at Columbia University (NYC). Mr. Hart has a daughter and a son.
Breakout Session | Thursday April 25 | 10:45 am
Getting Buy-In To Develop A Collaborative Team
Collaboration among complimentary and noncompetitive professionals has the potential to generate better outcomes for clients and a more satisfying experience for the participating professionals. Yet, true collaboration among advisors is rare. It’s not that advisors refuse to communicate with each other. It’s just that most clients don’t ask their advisors to collaborate and that most advisors don’t need feel the need for much involvement from other advisors to do their jobs. Many professional advisors are giving increasing lip service to the importance of and need for collaboration but there are very few practical tools to help them.

This presentation will provide a practical process for collaboration. using five essential communications that an advisor must have along the way.

David W. Holaday, ChFC, CAP has over 25 years experience as a financial consultant. He is the founder and Managing Member of Wealth Design Consultants, LLC, which offers case design, analysis, and presentation services to organizations and individuals that serve high net worth clients. Clients of the firm include lawyers, financial advisors, family offices and charities. He has a national reputation for developing unique and comprehensive solutions for complex family situations and often collaborates with the client’s existing tax, legal, insurance, and investment advisors. Previously he co-founded and later sold The Wealth Design Center (a technology, training, and consulting firm) to a publicly traded company. Dave also served as Director of Intellectual Property at Renaissance Inc., an Indianapolis-based provider of charitable consulting and trust administration services.
Breakout Session | Thursday, April 25 | 10:45 am
Main Street Philanthropy—
How "Becoming a Philanthropist” Transforms the Lives of At-Risk Students in Alternative Middle Schools

It all began with a question: What would be the impact of moving at-risk inner-city or poor rural middle school students around the table to the GIVING side of philanthropy? How would it change their lives if they could experience being charitable GIVERS rather than always being RECEIVERS?

In this breakout session, Scott and Ryan will tell their story and describe their vision of turning middle schoolers around the country into philanthropists. They will share some of their unique teaching methods, including their "Philanthropic Values Card Sort” activity, which allows students (as well as adults) to identify their top charitable interests and then discover which types of organizations in their communities they should get involved with. Advisors who have participated in this activity have seen a powerful opportunity to help kids of all ages come alive to their philanthropic passions.

Scott Farnsworth is an attorney and a Certified Financial Planner© who teaches financial, legal, and philanthropic professionals how to leverage the power of stories, the power of relationships, and the power of unique processes in their work with clients and donors. He is the president of SunBridge, Inc. and the founder of The Legacy Builder Network. He is the author of three books: Closing the Gap: A Revolutionary Approach to Client and Donor Services; Like a Library Burning: Sharing and Saving a Lifetime of Stories; and Double Your Sales: An Honest and Authentic Approach to Professional Selling. Mr. Farnsworth is a well-known national speaker and has been named an "Innovators of the Year” by Financial Advisor Magazine. He twice served as Chairman of The International Association of Advisors in Philanthropy Annual Conference. He designs and delivers transformative workshops for professionals, including "The Legacy Builder Retreat” and "The Wealth & Wisdom Summit.” He is a certified Time to Think® Facilitator, Coach and Consultant. He earned his undergraduate degree magna cum laude in Portuguese and Political Science and his law degree magna cum laude at Brigham Young University. During law school he published two scholarly articles as the Managing Editor of the Law Review, and following graduation, he was appointed Judicial Clerk for the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit. In addition to his three decades of professional experience as an estate-planning attorney and financial planner, he was Vice President and Trust Officer at Trustmark National Bank and a professor of business law at the University of Southern Mississippi.

Ryan Ponsford
has been involved in wealth management and real estate for nearly two decades. Early in his Private Banking career, Ryan recognized that the majority of his most successful clients had accumulated wealth in one of three ways: owning a business, through real estate, or from inheritance. He also recognized that most families lost their wealth within three generations. Armed with this information, and observing that most financial institutions do a very poor job addressing these opportunities and issues, Ryan began assembling a team that would partner with investors and families to more effectively manage investment risk, keep more of what they accumulate, create value by recognizing unique opportunities, and give with greater impact. Ryan possesses a unique ability to recognize the source of problems, provide clarity for solutions, and grasps the impact solutions will have on the peripheral of clients’ lives. Ryan graduated from Point Loma Nazarene University with a degree in Industrial-Organizational Psychology and extensive coursework in Chemistry. In addition, he holds securities licenses, professional licenses for Life and Health Insurance, California Partnership Long Term Care, is a Real Estate Broker, and holds multiple industry certifications. He has participated in several industry-specific mastermind groups including the Laureate in Wealth Strategies, InKnowVision, SunBridge Legacy Advisors, Advisors in Philanthropy, and the Southern California Institute. Ryan is a sought after speaker for client and industry events, investment conferences, private investment clubs, and family gatherings.
Luncheon Keynote | Thursday, April 25 | 11:45 am - 1:15 pm
Impact Philanthropy: Philanthropy's Future or Passing Fad?
No term has become more associated with philanthropic giving over the recent past than"impact.” There is impact investing, high-impact giving, scaling to impact, etc. There are many meanings and even more approaches associated with the word. Does this reflect the next leap in how we all should think about and do philanthropy,or is it simply the next hot fad to hit our field? Professor Richard Marker will unpack the meanings and explore what we are learning to date.

Richard Marker is an internationally recognized speaker, educator, and advisor on philanthropy. He is the founder of 2 educational initiatives for funders: the NYU Academy for Grantmaking and Funder Education and the Wise Philanthropy Institute. The NYU Academy for Grantmaking and Funder Education, now entering its 11th year, is the world’s oldest and most comprehensive university program exclusively teaching philanthropists and foundation professionals. Marker has lectured in 39 countries on 5 continents and in 40 of the United States, writes a popular blog "Wise Philanthropy” and is the author of "Saying ‘Yes’ Wisely: Insights for the Thoughtful Philanthropist.” [Blooming Twig Books, 2009, 2011]] In addition to the Institute, Wise Philanthropy ™ includes Marker Goldsmith Philanthropy Advisors and Green Strides Consulting. Over his career Marker has been ceo of a major foundation [Bronfman-Seagram Foundation], a trustee of several others, a professor [Brown, Hofstra, Loyola, and New York Universities], a management consultant [The Solutions Group], a senior executive in the non-profit world [Hillel Foundation], and a university chaplain [Brown University]. Marker has received an Excellence in Teaching award from NYU, his career has been the subject of a feature length article in Lifestyles, and Forbes recently published an extended interview with him [March 2012]. He is a professional member of the Global Speakers Federation/National Speakers Association. In addition to his professional work, Marker has served in leadership roles on a wide variety of volunteer and foundation boards and served as chair of two international boards. He is married to Mirele Goldsmith, PhD who is also on the faculty of the NYU Academy and is his partner in Wise Philanthropy. They are the parents of Adam, a public interest attorney in Washington, DC

Breakout Session | Thursday, April 25 | 1:30 pm
Where Success and Significance Meet – Integrating Charitable Intent with Business Succession Planning
Closely held businesses represent over half of the net worth of the US. With the potential of 1 out of 2 businesses transitioning in the next 10-15 years, most economic experts feel that demand will increase for business exit and succession planning. As business owners prepare for this next step, many are looking for a life of significance post-exit. Learn how to help your business owner clients take charge of their planning, their life after exit, and the legacy they will leave as a lifelong leader. This session will feature the story of one owner who’s $10M DAF and recent gifting of his business to his employees through and ESOP has integrated both his personal and charitable goals as well as other case studies.

Laura J. Malone, CAP®, serves as the Director of Gift Planning for American Endowment Foundation (AEF). Founded in 1993, AEF is an IRS-recognized public charity that administers a national, independent Donor Advised Fund program. AEF’s sole business is Donor Advised Fund administration. Among other clients, AEF works with business owner to help them leverage their highly-appreciated holdings in a tax-efficient way while finding a way to "give back”. Laura is a member of Advisors in Philanthropy, Partnership for Philanthropic Planning, Northern Ohio Planned Giving Council, Financial Planners Association as well as The Estate
Planning Council of Cleveland.

During his 30-year career Pete Christman has successfully sold more than 200 companies in a wide variety of industries. Transactions have ranged in size from several million dollars to over one hundred million dollars. Peter is also the co-founder of the Exit Planning Institute which educates business advisors on how to implement business owner "exit planning” into their practices. He has written articles on the importance of developing comprehensive Exit Planning Strategies and is the Co-Author of the book, "The Ten Trillion Opportunity”.
Breakout Session | Thursday, April 25 | 1:30 pm

Visions to Do Good: The Personal Philanthropy of Benjamin Franklin
Benjamin Franklin was born in 1704. In 1710 Dr. Cotton Mather, president of Harvard, published a book titled Essays to Do Good. Ben read this book when he was 10 or 11 years old. Nearly 6 decades later, in a letter to Cotton Mather’s son Samuel Mather, Dr. Franklin said that this book changed the trajectory of his life, concluding "If I have been, as you seem to think, a useful citizen, the public owes the advantage of it to that book."

Session leader Russ Kyncl will begin with Cotton Mather’s impact in young Ben Franklin’s life through this book and also through a face to face mentoring encounter when Ben was 20 years old. Russ will then discuss two of the many major charitable projects that Franklin undertook during his lifetime and how these projects demonstrate some of the donor motivation styles discussed in the book The Seven Faces of Philanthropy. Russ will share from Franklin’s own letters regarding Franklin’s motivations for giving. Next Russ will share the extraordinary strategic vision Ben demonstrated in a codicil he made to his Will one year before his death. Finally Russ will explain how Ben Franklin’s testamentary planning continues to have an ongoing impact today in the lives of hundreds of young people in both Massachusetts and Pennsylvania.

In the practical spirit of Ben Franklin, each participant will be asked to consider his/her own visions to do good, how this vision connects to the many facets of this story, and what next step each of us can take to increase our own philanthropic impact.

Russell Kyncl CLU, ChFC entered the financial services industry on April Fool’s Day 1984 as a life insurance agent. He later served as an agency trainer for the Denver, Colorado agency of a Midwestern mutual insurance company. In 1998 he moved to the independent broker/dealer channel. Russ is the founder and managing partner of Strategic Exit LLC, where he helps middle class millionaires and middle class millionaires-in-the-making plan for their future, their family and their philanthropy. Russ is a member of the Colorado Philanthropic Advisor Network and the Society of Financial Services Professionals. Russ and his wife Diane have served in various volunteer and board capacities with several charities in the Denver, Colorado area. Current commitments include Third Way Residential Treatment Centers, Junior Achievement and Royal Family Kids Camp (a summer camp for foster children).

Breakout Session | Thursday, April 25 | 1:30 pm
Philanthropy in a Digital Age

How is crowdfunding, social media and online giving platforms shifting the way that charities communicate with donors and their advisors?

Access to information is easier and easier, but with the use of predictive analytics and machine intelligence, the information we are accessing is more and more tailored to who we are, preventing us from actually self-selecting what we want to read and not read. How does his affect the way that we make decisions on philanthropy? How is this changing the way that money is flowing within the sector?

Case studies will be drawn from Place2Give, Kiva, gigyyc, Katipult, Give Meaning. the Awesome Foundation and other crowd funding platforms.

Gena Rotstein is one of Canada’s leading experts in Social Enterprise. She is the founder of Canada’s first Philanthropic Brokerage Firm and the ground-breaking "e-Harmony” of the charitable sector. She is also a founding member of EpicYYC, (a Calgary Social Innovation Solution Space).
With over 15 years of non-profit work experience throughout Canada and the United States, Gena has evolved into an expert matchmaker between businesses, philanthropists, and the myriad of ways they contribute to the charitable sector. Her in-depth understanding of social values matches people to organizations through the KARMA & CENTS™ model thereby fulfilling their philanthropic vision ensuring they receive the biggest bang for their social ‘buck’. In addition, Gena is building on her social enterprise expertise and is currently working with other social entrepreneurs and financiers to establish new funding models for social businesses.

A graduate of Brandeis University in Boston with an MA in Non-Profit Management and Jewish Communal
Service, Gena has been interviewed by, and written for, a number of leading newspapers and web columns on fundraising and philanthropy including Canadian Compensation & Benefits, Money Sense Magazine, Alberta Venture Magazine, The Financial Post, The Calgary Herald and Canadian Fundraiser eNews. An expert in her field, Gena takes a new approach to an old sector – Philanthropy 3.0 and Social Enterprise, and has spoken at various events to both targeted audiences and in front of large crowds. Some of her recent engagements include presenting at TEDxCalgary 2010, the Banff Compass Conference 2011 and AFP 2011. She was named Top 40 Under 40 by Avenue Magazine in 2009, and featured on BNN in June 2011.

Lori Stewart is the force behind Awesome Foundation, Calgary - a micro-philanthropy team that provides $1000 cash grants each month. Built on the premise that "believing in people is the best gift you can ever give them", Awesome provides $1000 'no strings attached' grants to ordinary citizens doing extraordinary things. Lori is also the Chief Operating Officer of EZ-Robot and a Senior Strategy Advisor at Innovate Calgary. Previously, she led the early globalization of eBay and launched the eBay platform and "buy it now” functionality to 22 countries around the world. She was a key part of the and Paypal acquisition teams and holds patents for eBay search and recommendation products. More recently, Lori was part of the Naheed Nenshi mayoral campaign team and following the election, became Mayor Nenshi’s acting Chief of Staff and Transition Manager as he took officeand bought a city together. Lori maintains her connection to the startup community by mentoring, helping and believing in young entrepreneurs and she currently advises a number of software companies in Canada and the US. She is also a member of "the A100”, Alberta Deal Generator and an active angel investor.
Breakout Session | Thursday, April 25 | 3:00 pm
Successful Collaborations with Trustees

The trustscape is a different world with different players, rules and considerations. And it is an area where philanthropy can thrive, even in other trusts besides Charitable Remainder Trusts. This talk will identify distinctions key to the trustscape and will offer positive practice pointers. The format will include some presentation, and moreso encourage discussion and peer-to-peer sharing on the subject.AUDIENCE WILL GAIN: Audience participants will be able to better engage trustees to adopt, promote and advance philanthropic projects.

Daniel P. Felix,The Professional Trustee, a unit of the law firm Felix Group, P.C. A trustee for almost twenty years, I focus my practice on stewarding my families’ human assets as well their financial ones. In so doing I address simultaneously both the qualitative as well as the quantitative aspects of a trust. In short, I help families and their members through transition, sometimes even through transformation. I serve as trustee, trust protector, or distribution advisor and will also hold the power of attorney for property. Where I am invited to serve as a generative trustee, I proactively address the often overlooked additional essentials of family harmony and empowerment. This approach often includes stewarding the under-appreciated assets of family legacy, experience, and wisdom. My own family legacy includes some remarkable integrity, loyalty, and service as well as an extreme trauma caused by the failure to bring holistic attention to the family’s assets. That trauma centers on the shattering story of my grandfather, a scion of wealth, who committed suicide. I stand on my father’s shoulders, continuing the mission for healing. I enhance the relationship of trusted advisors with their client families, expanding professional collaboration for the better results of our clients. Using the unbundled and open-architecture model, my practice supports this structurally. I have collaborated with the full range of professionals, such as those who specialize in family dynamics, philanthropy and legacy and even hired a clairvoyant!

Breakout Session | Thursday, April 25 | 3:00 pm
New Ways for Attracting Clients - Through Serving Non-Profits, Story, and Taxes

New clients are always at the heartbeat of growing organizations. How do you go about obtaining them without using the same old methods? This session will focus on how you can attract clients through serving non-profit organizations. We will address new technological developments like We’ll also talk about market differentiation and using the concept of story. You will learn how family storytelling can be done safely online and how it leads to further and greater planning opportunities. We will also address the current "hot buttons" that drive clients to loyalty and action, including income taxes. Attendees will leave with specific action points they can begin implementing immediately within their practice.

William (Bill) High is the Chief Executive Officer of National Christian Foundation Heartland. He works with families, individual givers and financial advisors, sharing the foundation’s message regarding biblical generosity and charitable giving. Much of that work includes advising on issues of income tax planning, business sale planning, real estate and estate planning.Bill also assists families in documenting their family vision and creating mission statements.


Bill is also the founder of, a fundraising software company serving the non-profit community. provides an online marketing solution for non-profits to market and receive gifts of all kinds, including cash, text, credit card and non-cash gifts. He is also the founder of Christian Foundation Grants, a member based service available to Christian non-profits and churches. He is also the President of Generous Life, a legacy consulting organization with the aim of making generosity generational. Bill is a published author and conference speaker. He is the general editor of Grants and More for Christian Ministries, and a contributing author to Why the Conservative Mind Matters. He is currently working on three books soon to be published: Stories of the Generous Life, Revolution in Fundraising and The 7 Generation Legacy.

Prior to joining the National Christian Foundation Heartland in 2000, Bill was a partner with the law firm of Blackwell Sanders LLP, a national and international law firm. He remains Of Counsel with the law firm Sanders Warren & Russell LLP.

Breakout Session | Thursday, April 25 | 3:00 pm
Getting Creative with Philanthropic Structures

Many philanthropic advisors are closely wedded to the private foundation as the main tool for institutionalizing their clients' giving. This presentation will look at three recent case studies out of my practice which break that mold. One involves creative use of and LLC. Another conversion of a multi-hundred million dollar business into a public charity, and a third the creative use of a donor advised fund to maximize effectiveness and provide the best structure for the client's needs.These cases will be embedded in a broader, philosophical discussion of how structure affects decision-making on the part of philanthropists and their advisors. Audience members should come away with new tools in their kit to assist their clients in thinking outside the private foundation box.

Frederic J. Fransen, PhD is a national authority on philanthropy and a leader in the emerging field of philanthropic advising. He has written for, or been quoted in, papers in 33 states, reaching an audience of more than 50 million readers, including the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and the Chicago Tribune. From 1996 until 2006, Fred was variously a program officer, fellow, and senior fellow at Liberty Fund, Inc., a private operating foundation. From 2001 to 2006, he simultaneously served as director of grants for the Pierre F. and Enid Goodrich Foundation, a private grant-making foundation. In 2006 Fred helped The Philanthropy Roundtable initiate a new breakthrough group in higher education philanthropy where donor intent is a major concern. At the same time, he began providing support to donors interested in being more strategic about their higher education giving. In 2007, this led to the launch of the Center for Excellence in Higher Education, Inc. (CEHE), a 501 (c) 3 public charity dedicated to improving higher education through more effective philanthropy. By 2008, demand at CEHE for unrelated consulting and advisory services led Fred to spin off Donor Advising, Research & Educational Services (DA•R•ES), LLC, a national, fee-for-service organization dedicated to providing support and assistance to strategic-minded philanthropists. Fred has a Ph.D. in Social Thought from the University of Chicago.

Keynote | Thursday, April 24 | 4:15 pm
The Generous Business: Using Your Business as an Engine for Generosity.
Of the $300 billion in charitable gifts that are made each year, 80% to 90% of such gifts are in the form of cash. Cash makes up less than 10% of what families own, and are one of the least efficient assets to give. Much of the assets owned by families collectively are in the form of privately-owned, family businesses. We'll explore how gifts of such assets can provide double and even triple tax benefits through "real life" case studies. We'll also discuss the numerous technical issues that come into play in making and facilitating such gifts, including the unique issues that arise depending on the underlying nature of the business entity through which the operations are conducted. Finally, we'll explore how different planning goals and objectives can be achieved through charitable giving of privately-owned business interests, including maximizing charitable deductions on an annual basis, business succession planning, and even increasing/doubling cash giving in conjunction with business interest gifts.Other topics that may be of interest include:-- Leveraging charitable giving with gifts of real estate-- Family foundation alternatives--private foundations versus donor advised funds versus supporting organizations-- Zero estate tax planning--maximizing giving by avoiding estate taxes (and minimizing income taxes)-- A road map for leveraging and maximizing charitable giving through tax wise giving--avoid estate tax, maximize annual charitable deductions, avoid capital gain tax, and leverage tax benefits beyond maximum deduction thresholds-- Charitable planning with life insurance--the good, the bad, and the ugly-- Current developments in charitable giving and planning with an emphasis on planning strategies and techniques that maximize opportunities in whatever legal, regulatory, or economic circumstances the industry finds itself

Michael King, J.D., Vice President, Gift Planning Services serves as a charitable gift and estate planning attorney with the National Christian Foundation (NCF). He works closely with generous families sharing concepts and strategies that allow them to leverage the impact of their giving by minimizing their income and estate tax liabilities. In his role with NCF, Michael’s primary focus and expertise is facilitating charitable gifts of "unusual” assets including closely-held businesses, real estate, intellectual property, oil and gas interests, collectibles, precious metals, etc. He also helps families to plan their estates in a manner that dramatically increases their charitable giving, and in most cases avoids estate tax completely—regardless of the size of their estates. Prior to joining NCF in 2006, Michael spent over ten years with an international tax and accounting firm, and a wealth management firm/multi-family office. In these roles he counseled affluent families on a broad range of wealth management issues including both financial and non-financial aspects of wealth. Michael received his undergraduate degree in finance from Penn State University, and his law degree from the U.C.L.A. School of Law. Michael and his wife, Tammy, were high school sweethearts and have been abundantly blessed with five children.

Keynote | Friday, April 26 | 9:00 am
What (and Who) Gives? Philanthropy after "the Cliff” and into 2013
After 20 years in the financial services industry working with high-net-worth and ultra-high-net families and the advisors that support them, King has "seen it all.” This morning’s session will focus on overarching trends in philanthropic behavior among those families, how their charitable actions and tactics have changed or evolved since the Great Recession, what advisors need to know about recent legal and regulatory changes and economic shifts to serve this market successfully, and which tools and techniques seem to have the attention of clients across the country. We’ll also look briefly at what nonprofits are and should be doing to engage their donors more successfully at this time.

King McGlaughon is CEO of Foundation Source Philanthropic Services, Inc., in Fairfield, Connecticut. Foundation Source is the nation’s leading provider of administrative and strategic philanthropic services for private foundations. Prior to assuming that role, King served as Senior Vice President and Chief Philanthropic Officer for Wells Fargo Private Bank, and Managing Executive of Wachovia’s Nonprofit and Philanthropic Services group, leading a team of financial, investment and planning specialists who provide personal charitable trust, private foundation, nonprofit endowment, and planned giving services to clients of Wells Fargo across the nation. As the senior leader of the Philanthropic Services team, Mr. McGlaughon was responsible for developing, implementing, growing and sustaining philanthropic services business across all channels within these national banking organizations. Previously, Mr. McGlaughon served as Executive Vice President and Chief Academic Officer (Provost) of The American College in Bryn Mawr, PA, where he also held the Sallie B. and William B. Wallace Chair in Philanthropy in the College's graduate division. Prior to serving at The American College, Mr. McGlaughon served as a first vice president and as the director of The Merrill Lynch Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Management, in New York, NY, and Princeton, New Jersey. Mr. McGlaughon has been a leader in the philanthropic services and financial services industries for more than 25 years.

Breakout Session | Friday, April 26 | 10:45 am
Best Practices Workshop for Professional Advisers
Tim Voorhees, JD, MBA, Zero Tax Planning

This seminar surveys some of the most effective ideas used by the nation’s top planners. This program covers marketing strategies, methods for charging fees, relationship management systems, planning strategies, and other topics reviewed on our web site. We share proven techniques to generate more referrals to high net worth clients and then deliver more value to the clients throughout each phase of the planning process. We review these topics: Adapting to Planning Trends and Presenting Valuable Deliverables to Clients Charging Fees and Using Appropriate Engagement Letters Delegating Technical Work to a Virtual Back Office and Advanced Sales Department Developing the Value Proposition Letter after a Discovery Session, and Preparing the Family Wealth Statement During/After a Client Retreat. Developing Relationships With CPAs, Bankers, Lawyers, Charitable Development Officers, and Other Referral Sources Presenting Your Materials During Client Seminars, Training Workshops, and One-On-One Presentations Complying with IRS, SEC, NASD, AICPA, ABA, FPA, and Other Relevant Guidelines. Focusing on Your Unique Talents by Delegating "Administrivia” to a Relationship Manager

Tim Voorhees, JD, MBA
, has facilitated zero-tax planning for hundreds of business owners and executives since beginning his career in 1978. He has documented billions of dollars of donations by helping clients integrate charitable and non-charitable tools to reduce taxes, increase lifetime income, enhance wealth transfers and/or augment charitable giving potential. Tim has facilitated business transfers for companies ranging in size up to nearly $200 million of resale value. He has led planning teams that have transferred business equity using employee stock ownership plans ("ESOPs”), Charitable ESOPs ("ChESOPs”), sales to non-grantor trusts, sales to grantor trusts, phantom stock programs, insurance-funded tax efficient transfers, intellectual capital monetization techniques, recapitalization strategies, and dozens of other legal tools.

Tim’s software company, Family Office Technologies, Inc. maintains web-based software modules used by financial and legal professionals nationwide for illustrating business planning strategies. The "blueprinting” software illustrates how planning instruments might effectively help family or business leaders more effectively harmonize plans with dreams and desires. Since 1996, the affiliated service bureau has helped business owners design and implement optimal strategies for reducing income, capital gains, estate, and other taxes. Tim regularly speaks and writes on Wealth Transfer Planning techniques. His articles have been published in Estate Planning Magazine, the Journal of Practical Estate Planning, Insurance News, the elite advisor website of Financial Planning Magazine, and other leading publications. His book, The Best Zero Tax Planning Tools, is available for free to prospective clients.
Breakout Session | Friday, April 26 | 10:45 am
Engaging the Next Generation in Philanthropy

Many advisors are discussing family philanthropy with clients, but how are they engaging their clients’ children and grandchildren in the process? This panel of professionals in the philanthropic sector will discuss how they each work with young givers and the latest methods for engaging budding philanthropists. Participants will walk away with an understanding of how engaging youth in philanthropy may differ from their adult clients and sources to share with their clients who are hoping to instill philanthropic values in their children.

Deborah Goldstein, a dynamic entrepreneur whose expertise bridges the academic and nonprofit worlds, has a vision for the emerging field of philanthropic advising. She created a model to realize just that in her new endeavor, Enlightened Philanthropy. Established in 2008, her consulting firm is dedicated to providing guidance and clarity for individuals, families, foundations, and businesses in search of defining their philanthropic goals and articulating their legacy. Goldstein stands out from others as she truly engages donors in a customized, intuitive process that reveals their authentic motivation and desire to give, culminating in a workable action plan. Goldstein brings her own unique skill set to Enlightened Philanthropy. After spending more than a decade in fundraising and nonprofit management where she raised more than $23 million, she has found her real niche with this new venture. In 2012, inspired by the teenagers she advises at her local synagogue, Goldstein decided to shift her work to focus on youth philanthropy and multi-generational giving.

Sahar Afrakhan grew up in the office of a nonprofit organization, where her mom worked, and has been familiar with philanthropy from a very young age. Now, a junior in high school, her passion for nonprofit work has grown. She has been involved with Positive Impulse, a junior board of the Gaines Jones Foundation whose mission is "helping others locally and globally", since 2008 and serves as the Secretary of the group. Through the Junior Board she has enjoyed becoming closer with her friends, collaborating with other youth, learning more about pressing issues and brainstorming solutions, and having the opportunity to give back. She also serves on the Leadership Team for Youth Philanthropy Connect. Sahar sees philanthropy as something that will be present throughout her life and is excited for what the future holds.

Annie Hernandez joined the staff of the Frieda C. Fox Family Foundation in November 2012 to lead Youth Philanthropy Connect, a program that connects youth and develops youth philanthropists ages 8-21. In her previous position as the Program Director at The Lumpkin Family Foundation, Annie led the next generation efforts and developed the Good Works Connect network of nonprofits in downstate Illinois. Her prior experience includes service in a variety of roles in public and nonprofit organizations, including a management support organization, the State of Indiana’s Rural Affairs, the J.W. Fanning Institute for Leadership at the University of Georgia where she was faculty with the Community Leadership Association, and Fiesta Indianapolis, Inc. where she was its first Executive Director. She received the inaugural Young and Emerging Capacity Builder Award from the Alliance for Nonprofit Management, and was Indiana’s delegate to their Nonprofit Congress in 2005. Annie earned her MS in Agricultural, Environmental Communication and Education at the University of Illinois, and her BS from Texas A&M University. She began work in 2009 on a PhD in Leadership and Change Management from Antioch University. A Texas native, Annie now lives in Santa Barbara, California.

Danielle Oristian York is a Director at 21/64, a non-profit consulting division of the Andrea and Charles Bronfman Philanthropies specializing in next generation and multi-generational strategic consulting for families. She speaks and consults with families and their advisors on multi-generational engagement and engaging and empowering the next generation using 21/64 methods and tools. Danielle also facilitates trainings on 21/64's approach to these powerful subjects. Before 21/64, Danielle held positions at Pitcairn, a family office, and UBS. She served multi-generational families, their enterprises, and their philanthropies to coordinate and deliver planning strategies that help them understand, organize and manage their resources around an actionable strategy. Her multi-faceted roles included developing and delivering customized financial education, facilitation of family meetings and personalized coaching and mentorship. Danielle earned a Bachelor’s degree in Communication from James Madison University. She has completed the postgraduate program at The Bowen Center for the Study of the Family at Georgetown and has studied at the Cannon Financial Institute. Currently, Danielle is a member of the Collaboration for Family Flourishing, and the Family Firm Institute.

Breakout Session | Friday, April 26 | 10:45 am

Play Well With Others
In this breakout session, Eileen Wilhelm, Pinnacle Philanthropy Partners, will discuss how to bring the full power of the advisor team to serve the family. She will cover navigating family dynamics and advisor conflicts as well as providing tools and tactics for understanding and engaging blended families, dispersed families and multiple generations. Learning objectives include how to focus on identifying shared values and the power of divergent interests, strengthening professional partnerships,complementing vs. competing, leveraging Skill sets for the greater good and knowing if and when to bow out.

Eileen Wilhem is President and founder of Pinnacle Philanthropy Partners, a consulting firm dedicated to meeting the philanthropic needs of Wealthy Families, Foundations, Philanthropists, Nonprofit Organizations and Financial Institutions. Previously she headed Bank of America’s Philanthropic Management Group where she was responsible for service, strategy, products, and national practices. Eileen has over 40 years’ experience in the foundation, endowment, planned giving, and charitable trust administration and taxation fields.She is currently Senior Director of Philanthropy Marketing and Communications at CAF America. She also serves as Director of Marketing and Communications at Geneva Global.


Keynote | Friday, April 26 | 12:15 pm
Live Your Legacy Now

It is not enough to think about the legacy we will leave, rather, we must think about the legacy we live every day. Our legacies are shaped by the way we lead our lives, and where and how we choose to contribute time, money, and resources.

Throughout her career, Barbara Greenspan Shaiman has been an educator, businesswoman and a social entrepreneur, using her skills to create social change. She began her career as a teacher, developing curriculum for at-risk youth, and later directed Eisenbud & Associates, an executive search firm that specialized in recruiting physicians and healthcare executives nationally. As a leader in this field, she presented frequently on human resources issues at conferences. In 1995, she founded Champions of Caring ( a non-profit organization that has empowered over 10,000 youth in Philadelphia and South Africa to become leaders in service and active, engaged citizens. Barbara is the daughter of Holocaust survivors. Her mother was incarcerated in the Auschwitz Concentration Camp and is the sole survivor of a family of sixty-five people, and her father worked for Oskar Schindler, on whose story Steven Spielberg’s film Schindler’s List was based. This family legacy, coupled with her professional experience and work with Champions of Caring, have motivated Barbara to help others to live their legacies by giving back to their communities. Over the past fifteen years, Barbara has created programs that have inspired and empowered youth with the skills to create service projects to address local and global issues and create cultures of caring within their schools and communities. With her strong background in human resources, entrepreneurial spirit, and over thirty years of experience in public speaking, Barbara created Embrace Your Legacy to share her message and encourage adults of all ages and backgrounds to embrace and live their legacies. Through speeches, workshops and consulting, she shares her highly effective and replicable ten-step approach to provide participants with the necessary tools to create social change in an informed and creative way. She has presented this message to audiences of all ages and backgrounds, locally, nationally and internationally. Barbara holds a B.A. in psychology and education from Hunter College in New York City, and a master’s degree in education from North Adams State College. She has received numerous awards for her contributions, including the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development "Best Practices Award,” the National Association of Women Business Owners "Women Making History Award,” State Farm Insurance "Service-Learning Practitioner Award,” The Archdiocese of Philadelphia "Servant of God” Award, the Association of Jewish Holocaust Survivors "Mordechai Anielewicz Award,” and the Daily Points of Light Award. She has also been inducted into the Hunter College Hall of Fame, named a "Community Quarterback” by the NFL’s Philadelphia Eagles and Parade Magazine, and was chosen as a "Citizen Hero” by the Philadelphia Inquirer. Barbara has served on the boards of numerous community organizations, including the Greater Philadelphia Consortium of Holocaust Educators, The Transition Network, Chemical People Project, the Southeastern Pennsylvania Chapter of the American Red Cross; and HIAS (the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society); and chaired the Women’s Division of the Jewish Federation of the Berkshires; and the Memorial Committee of the Six Million Jewish Martyrs for the Greater Philadelphia Jewish Community Relations Council. Barbara, who resides outside of Philadelphia, speaks five languages and loves to travel. Her children and grandchildren are her greatest joys. Her mother, Carola Greenspan, now in her eighties, continues to be her deepest source of inspiration. Barbara is often called upon to share her message at community events, conferences and workshops. Her audiences include corporations, universities, educators, faith-based communities, women’s groups, service organizations, trade associations and professional groups. Her message is both inspirational and directed towards motivating people to action.




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