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Lindsay Matush
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Breakout Session
April 20, 2017 |2:30 PM

The New Era of Impact Philanthropy: From Making Donations to Making a Difference

Lindsay Matush, Vario Philanthropy 

 When giving is done well it is truly fulfilling for the donor and measurably effective for the causes that matter to them. Advisors have an almost unparalleled role in advancing this conversation. Let's explore how inspiring your clients toward impact philanthropy can be as meaningful for their lives as it is beneficial for your practice and good for the nonprofit world.  As donors move from asking what causes do I care about, to what do I want to change and how will I know if I've changed it, they become savvier, more engaged, and excited to know their dollars are actually making a difference. It's the new age of impact philanthropy, and it's good for all of us. The research shows that when donors have a thoughtful strategy they give more, they give more effectively, are more satisfied with their giving, and they engage their families in the process. The natural byproduct? A stronger relationship with their advisor, and a transition of trust to the next generation that increases longevity of client relationships. Participants or attendees will leave this session: Inspired by stories of individuals who have moved towards impact philanthropy, Understanding key trends and research in impact giving and family philanthropy today, and how to put these trends to work for you, Understanding the basics behind impact philanthropy and the value proposition for the client, the nonprofit sector, and the wealth advisor,  Armed with practical tips and insight about how to help a client (and their family) make strides toward more meaningful giving 

Lindsay Matush is a passionate advocate for inspired philanthropy. She grew up as the daughter of a wealth advisor to high net worth families. She’d heard stories of how family wealth could ruin children, and had parents who were determined that she’d know the value of a dollar and that she’d be generous. From her earliest dollar earned, she would save 25% and give 10% to charity and was constantly challenged to consider her impact on the world.

She began her career in the nonprofit sector where she saw firsthand how a mix of donations and grants could be applied to advance excellent work or to perpetuate mediocrity. She was named Executive Director by the age of 26, and had a “baptized by fire” experience in driving all aspects of marketing, branding, development, and strategy. On sabbatical, she accidentally founded Vario Consulting. What began as interim support to help friends and colleagues with critical insight, emerged as a rapidly growing firm where she puts her passion, skill, and personal experience to work in the philanthropic advising space.

At Vario Philanthropy, Lindsay and her team guide both foundations and philanthropists to greater impact. Founded on the belief that giving should be both wildly fulfilling and measurably impactful, Vario helps families put their heart into action through thoughtful giving plans that engage all generations. Vario also helps new and established foundations increase their impact, streamline their processes, improve grantee communication, and develop theories of change to move from distributing dollars to making a measurable difference. She’s passionate about sharing her learning with the field through speaking, writing, and inspiring others to advance this important work.

The name Vario comes from an instrument used in flight – a variometer – which provides critical information to tell an aircraft how quickly it’s going up or down (essentially, how effective the flight will be!) Lindsay is an avid paraglider pilot; when she’s not deep in the throes of achieving client results she can be found traveling around the world competing, flying, and constantly challenging her personal best.

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