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May 2015 -  AiPF CAP® Tuition Raffle - Here's your chance to win a full CAP scholarship!    Many thanks to The American College for contributing a full CAP scholarship for our 2015 CAP tuition raffle.  We have a total of 300 tickets and we've sold 181 so far.   To buy tickets go to the donation now link below.   When 300 are sold, we'll post a short video drawing announcing the winner.  If you don't have your CAP, or you know someone you think would be a good CAP candidate, buy some tickets today for a chance to win before there are no tickets left!

Friendship donation $25 per ticket, or $100 = 5 tickets

Premier donation of $250 = 12 tickets

Mentor donation of $500 = 25 tickets

Leadership donation of $1,000 = 50 tickets

Thank you for supporting AiPF!   Your donation is tax deductible.   Please visit the Impact and RISE Criteria to learn more about how we are making a difference and why your donation matters.   Donations accepted online below or mail a check to: AiP Foundation, Inc., 95 West Street, Rocky Hill, CT 06067.

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AiPF’s goal is to support educational activities and programs to encourage an understanding of philanthropy. You can help AiPF reach its goal in several ways. You can make a personal gift of any amount, gift a single $500 scholarship, or you can encourage contributions such as Eva Marder’s who named AiPF as the beneficiary of her Charitable Remainder Trust. You can also help by nominating individuals for scholarships. Scholarships will be awarded as funding is secured.

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